Hearing Loss Test

Your hearing is too important to leave to chance

Accurate hearing assessments are impossible to re-create on computers – and while you can take a quick test on some websites, the outcome of online assessments could be affected by many factors, which is why we just don’t believe in them as diagnostic tools.

However, a hearing assessment performed at one of our clinics by a licensed hearing care provider is simple, non-invasive and pain-free. Most importantly, you get accurate results. We utilize specialized equipment calibrated to ensure accuracy and carried out in special sound conditions. And unlike online assessments, patients have direct contact with a hearing healthcare professional who can explain the results. This is especially important, because if your hearing isn’t good, you’ll want to ask lots of questions – and we’re happy to answer all of them.

Different ears, different assessments.

Total Hearing Care professionals communicate to our patients everything they need to know about their specific hearing needs and hearing loss treatment. If you are worried about your ears, call one of our offices and schedule a free, in-depth hearing assessment.

Get a baseline assessment: Sometimes a hearing assessment shows that there is little or no hearing loss. And if the result is mild hearing loss, it’s best to do nothing at all – except maybe have us clean your earwax. Even if you hear very well, a hearing assessment creates a vital baseline that you have for the future to determine if your hearing is stable or a loss is present.

Referral to a physician: After we assess you, our hearing care provider may feel your condition is best referred to an ENT or other physician for further treatment, especially with children. (Sometimes physicians, including your general practitioner, may refer you to have us assess your hearing – if so, we will share the results with the referring physician.)

Next steps to improved hearing: If a hearing assessment reveals that it is appropriate, Total Hearing Care’s experienced professionals will demonstrate hearing devices, such as hearing aids. To discuss your particular situation in more detail, please make an appointment or call 1-855-MYHEARING.